Saturday, 5 December 2015

So as I mentioned I've started some new work.  Its a little slow going at the moment but I'm resigned to the fact and besides I can't. Not. Paint, its a physical impossibility.  Honestly I've tried it. Between you and me I can tell you it did not go well! So I'm stubbornly plodding on for the moment until I can paint freely again.  I do hope you'll bare with me. I'd be very pleased to have you along for the ride.

Anyway here's another I've started.  I'm rather pleased with these pieces.  They feel like a good start.  I'm hoping to make some very large paintings when time permits and I feel like these are the beginning of this bigger work.  This doesn't make them any less important to me or in the whole grand scale of things I expect.  But I thought I should mention it so we're all on the same page so to speak ;)

I've been reading as much as possible lately and happened upon Faust by Johann Wolfgan Von Goethe, accidentally. I was struggling to find any inspiration at the time. This is a work in progress, which I'm enjoying more than usual as I'm finding the process pretty cathartic. There's still quite a way to go with this piece but here's where I've gotten to so far.

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