Friday, 11 June 2010

Sneak Peek

Little sneak peek at a small section of new work in progress


Untitled Oil on canvas

Opus Art/Kounter Kulture

The Biology of Cibation

Latent Dispositions and the 8 Circuit Model of Consciousness

Lacrima Cervi

Prima Materia

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Arrested Motion article. Fresh cream2

Fantastic article by the lovely guys at arrested motion

Fresh Cream 2 Opus Art

Charlotte Bracegirdle

Alexandra Mclain

Lex Thomas


Hector de Gregorio

Karl de Vroomen

Images courtesy of Sven Davis

Fresh Cream 2 Opus Art 15th April - 15th May

Teresa Duck, Charlotte Bracegirdle, Alexandra McLain, Lex Thomas, Hector de Gregorio, Karl de Vroomen, Ghost of a Dream